Pet Food Cube World guide

Our Pet Food Cube World guide provide a complete list of foods you need to teach you how to tame your pet and make your favorite pet kind! If you want to go far from Cube World, you will want to have a pet. They can make valuable allies and even ride.

Pet food taming in Cube World

Pretty simple! You only need certain foods for a particular pet to tame (listed below). If you have it, go to your stock and click on it. Your character should now put an item in front of it. Now if you walk to the animals and tame them, you should try to eat and have a heart over your head!

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Find pet food

Food can be found in boxes that kill various creatures or can be found on the ground! You can also strangely find them in deposits. For example, I found a lollipop in an emerald deposit! This is very random, so I hope there is a way to find some of these items more reliably. You will find that food is for pets. This is because pets are listed on the Pets tab in your inventory.

How to ride

You need to find the reins. It’s a region lock item, so every time you enter a new region, you need to find that item. Talking to NPCs will eventually tell you where they are (you can jump in if you’re lucky while browsing). Once you know their location, go over there and collect. You can now run using your pet’s T key to ride!

Naming your pet

You can name your pet using the “/ namepet NAME” command! Press Enter to enter a command or chat with another player.

Pet food checklist

To avoid the spoiler, you will talk with the NPC in the game and sometimes give tips on what animals need what food. If you want to know what to use, see the list below! If anything is missing, please let us know in the comments.

  • Apple Ring-Crocodile
  • Banana Mash-Boar
  • Banana Split-Monkey
  • Biscuit Roll-Bumblebee
  • Blackberry Marmalade-Hedgehog
  • Blood Orange Juice-Mosquito
  • Bubble Gum-Collie (Available)
  • Blue Jelly-Blue Slime
  • Bread-bark Bettle (Available)
  • Buckhorn-Beaver
  • Cabbage Roll-Snail (Ride Available)
  • Candied Apples-Horses (riding possible)
  • Candy-Black Cat
  • Caramel Chocolate Bar-Desert Runner
  • Carrot-Rabbit (Riding possible)
  • Cereal Bar-Chicken (Ride Available)
  • Cinnamon Roll-Turtle (Available)
  • Chocolate Cake-Raccoon
  • Chocolate Cookie-Peacock (Available)
  • Chocolate Cupcakes-Brown Alpaca
  • Chocolate Donuts-Mole
  • Chocolate Ice Cream-Baby Mammoth
  • Cotton Candy-Sheep
  • Croissants-Scottish Terrier (riding allowed)
  • Curry-Fire Beetle
  • Date Cookies-Camel (Ride Available)
  • Eucalyptus Candy-Koala
  • Fruit Basket-Fly
  • Ginger Tarts-Parrot
  • Green Jelly-Green Slime
  • Lemon Tart-Lemon Beetle
  • Licorice Candy-Crows
  • Lollipop-Owl
  • Raleigh-snout beetle (riding possible)
  • Mango Juice-Bat
  • Melon Ice Cream-Uncharted
  • Milk Chocolate Bar-Regular Runner
  • Mineral Water-Mashed Sprout
  • Mint Chocolate Bar-Leaf Runner (Rideable)
  • Mixed Salad-Caterpillar (Available)
  • Pancakes-bitter
  • Peanut-Baby Elephant (Riding possible)
  • Pink Jelly-Pink Slime
  • Popcorn-Hornet
  • Pumpkin Mash-Pig (Ride Available)
  • Radicchio Salad-Earth Catepillar (Available)
  • Raspberry Juice-Flamingo
  • Salted Caramel-Gulls
  • Soft Ice-Penguin
  • Spring Water-Coming Sprout
  • Strawberry Cake-Squirrel
  • Strawberry Cocktail-Crab (Ride Available)
  • Sugar Candy-Duckville (Ride Available)
  • Vanilla Cupcakes-Light Alpaca (Available)
  • Waffle-Terrier (Ride Available)
  • Water Ice-Sputter
  • White Chocolate Bar-Snow Runner (Available)
  • Yellow Jelly-Yellow Slime (Ride Available)

So this was the proper guide of Pet Food in Cube World game hopefully you like it. If you have any question from this article you can comment us below.

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