Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Shadow Wars Review Nintendo 3DS

We all know that all of the games in the Ghost Recon franchise are best known for tactical shooting game play, but this was the first time we switched to a tactical strategy tactical game for 3DS. The Nintendo 3DS release titles were weak, but there are currently only two game titles worth purchasing in 16 games available on Nintendo 3DS, but there is no doubt that Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars is theirs.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Shadow Wars Review

At first glance, Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars looks very similar to Fire Emblem and Advance Wars in style, but gameplay is much better. Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars must be in the game library. Gamers can explore various missions in the game and get ahead of the game, so every subsequent customization takes control of the battlefield and takes it to the next level.

Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars is not the same as the Ghost Recon game the player had in the past. Just kill Kill Kill and kill what comes before you. Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars players need to think twice or three times about every move they make.

Skirmish Missions

Ghost Recon: The Shadow Wars main campaign keeps gamers engaged for over 10 hours. To make Shadow Wars longer titles, developers have added the Skirmish Missions map, which is available to gamers after every mission. The Skirmish mission will give gamers a completely different goal, and these goals are not part of the main storyline. Major Campers and players performing Skymish missions can complete the game within 20 hours.


We all know that every game in the Ghost Recon series never has a powerful story. Most of the stories in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Shadow Wars Review the game is about war wars and interstate ignition, and also in the Shadow War story line. Its still involved and entertaining. Ghost Recon in Shadow Wars, gamers need to stop the war of Russian terrorists. During full game play, the player travels in various regions of the Middle East.

Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars graphics do not show the potential of Nintendo 3DS when compared to other 3DS titles such as Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition, Samurai Warriors Chronicles, and Rayman. The visual graphics and graphics of Shadow Wars are comparable to regular DS games, except for 3D features.

Excluding online, StreetPass and Spotpass surprises

Ghost Recon: When I found out that Shadow Wars does not offer Spotpass, StreetPass and Online features, I was surprised. Online features are essential for games like Shadow Wars, but developers are different and fans are not in online mode for disappointment. Shadow Wars does not have an online game play mode, so players can not come back once they have completed the major Camapaign and Skirmish missions.

Everyone who owns Nintendo 3DS, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Shadow Wars should have a game title despite the drawbacks. Undoubtedly, graphics, visual and tribal online multiplayer are the biggest drawbacks of Shadow Wars, but gamers who love and die for strategy-based games are happy. So do not think twice.

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