What is Minecraft Heart of The Sea

Do you want to create an underwater civilization? Spend some time growing your Minecraft Heart of The Sea items in buried treasure chests! With the numerous block types and items you can find in Minecraft free, you can sometimes be forgiven if you find something without a clear purpose.

Minecraft Heart of The Sea gameplay

What the hell is the heart of the sea and why do you want to collect them?

This rare item did nothing before when it was first introduced to the game, but after the 1.13 update, it is now used to craft conduits, so if you want to play underwater, you can radically change your game in survival mode.

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How to find the heart of the sea in minecraft

You can randomly find a treasure chest containing a sea of ​​hearts, but the surest way is to find a shipwreck on the sea or on the beach. If you do not know where to find in the current seed, then feed the dolphins, which will lead to a wreck. Check for breasts inside the wreck.

There is usually a treasure trove. If you’re not near an underwater biome with a wreck, you can also use the town’s cartography table or exchange compasses and emeralds for town carters to see buried treasure maps. Take out the map and follow the white dots that indicate your location until you reach the red X.

In most cases, buried treasures are created on the beach, but you may actually have to go underwater to reach them. Dig until you find the treasure chest at the red X position. Treasure chest creates the heart of at least one sea. Buried treasure chests can also potentially be created:

  • Iron bars
  • Gold bars
  • Cooking cod
  • Cooked Salmon
  • Leather tunic
  • Iron sword
  • TNT
  • Emerald
  • Freeze Marine Crystal
  • Diamond

What is the heart of the sea used for?

The only (current) purpose for the heart of the sea is to make a conduit. Conduits can only be placed underwater, and a minimum of 3 x 3 set of water is required. To build a conduit, you will need:

Nautilus Shell x 8
Heart of the sea x 1

Not sure where to pick up your Nautilus shell? They are rarely obtained as fishing treasures and can also be purchased from wandering merchants of five emeralds. Nautilus shells can be harvested from drowned zombies, with less chance to touch a dead enemy.

Find the sea heart & nautilus shell

What did the conduit do and why did you go through everything to find the sea heart and nautilus shell? When activated, conduits play an important role in the construction of underwater cities by improving underwater breathing, as well as underwater breathing for underwater cities and nearby tiles.

To activate the conduit, set up a 5 x 5 open rectangular cage of the appropriate block type around the object. When the conduit starts to shine, you will know that there are enough blocks. The conduit can be activated using one of the following block types:

Freeze Marine
Dark Prism
Frieze marine brick
Sea lantern

The more blocks around the conduit, the larger the spherical area of ​​the conduit can be, allowing you to breathe water and increase the underwater field of view.

At least 16 blocks are required to activate, and the range of conduits continues to increase until 96 blocks are placed. When the final maximum number is reached, the conduit deals damage to the enemy at close range.

Did you create an underwater civilization with the Minecraft heart of the Sea to create a conduit? Please let me know the build layout for activation and if there is a way to easily farm these items please leave a comment!

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