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Albion Online is entering a new free game. On April 10, numerous new players will open their doors when the game is free. Those waiting to dive now have easier access to the world of Albion. Albion is looks like Clash of Clans game, for veteran players, group exploration, PvP, new refining and production opportunities, and expansion options are almost endless.

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With this change will bring an amazing new dimension to Albion’s world. Because the new generation of players are ready to make their own tickets to the world. With countless content updates planned over the next few months, this new blood will make 2019 a thrilling year for Albion, and we look forward to creative ways players can push the boundaries of their sandbox experience.

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What happens next?

Starting April 10, everyone can join a vast community of adventurers who explore the world of Albion on all platforms for free, without restrictions. Albion Online player countless and veteran players also have a special thank you gift called the Specter Wolf Mount. Specter Wolf has all the stats of Direwolf in the form of a unique ghost, and only accounts that were activated using the Founder or Starter Pack at 10:00 AM on April 10 will qualify.

In addition, there will be a 10-day reputation increase starting after the maintenance on April 1 and ending with the maintenance on April 10. Albion Mist buffs are activated, increasing all reputations earned by in-game activities by 25% (except for Fame in Tome) and don’t miss the huge opportunity to unlock new equipment and increase your specs!

For those who don’t own the game yet and want to take part in the action immediately, we offer 34% discount on all packs by April 10th, giving you instant access to the game, with great value for gold and premium and the game is free Own the Specter Wolf mount.

The starter pack is the last chance before the sale stops on April 10. You can find discounted packs in the web shop.

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Is Albion Online free to play & when Albion is free

Albion Online is free to play at 10:00 UTC on April 10, 2019. What exactly does this change mean? Starting April 10 at 10:00, you no longer need to buy the game. At this point, you can download the game client from the website, create a free account, and participate in the action.

Will the business model of Albion Online change

Albion Online’s business model is always based on two pillars: premium status and vanity-only in-game stores, which can be purchased in real cash or in-game currency. This business model does not change when the game is free. The only difference is that you no longer need to buy the game to buy it.

Is there a limit to free accounts

The free account has no game play restrictions and can participate in all aspects of the game. The business model has not changed, so you can purchase premium status in either real or in-game currency for all account types.

Why are you making this change now

Overall the game is doing very well. We have a dedicated development team of 35 employees, announced the sixth major post-launch update, and a steady growing number of players. But I’m sure you can make Albion Online even better. Our mission is to bring back the old-fashioned hardcore MMORPG feeling to as many players as possible.

The $ 30 Pay Wall, the cheapest game pack price in today’s world, is a big stumbling block to trying new games, especially new ones like Albion Online. We believe that by removing the initial paywall, we can grow Albion Online into games and continue to expand our development team to provide more content updates and exciting new features.

Ultimately, this step will help you realize your long-term vision for the game. If you already have an account, do you need something to prepare? no. At the moment, all players with existing accounts can log in normally after April 10th.

What about existing players who have already purchased the game? What do they get? sure! After all, Albion Online will not be in today’s position without the tremendous support of all players. As a thank you gift, any account that used Founder or Starter Pack before 10:00 AM on April 10, UTC will receive:

Specter Wolf Mount

A proprietary ghost mount that has the same stats as Dire Wolf and is not available at any other time.

  • 1,000 gold
  • 3 days chargeable premium
  • Special avatar rings

What happens to the starter pack

The starter pack sale is now discontinued on April 10. Anyone using the pack by April 10th 10:00 AM (UTC) will receive the thank you gifts listed above. Unused packs will still be available after April 10 and include regular gold, premiums and items, but will not accept any additional gifts above.

By April 10, all starter packs will be discounted as follows:

The veteran starter pack now costs USD 19.77 ~ $ 20 worth of gold and premium included. The price of the Epic Starter Pack is now USD 32.97 (~ $ 50 worth of Gold and Premium included. The Legend Restarter Pack now costs USD 65.97, ~ $ 80 worth of gold and premium included. As a result, pack upgrades are also discounted.

What does this mean for trial keys and referral seasons

Trial keys will no longer be available for purchase starting maintenance on March 27. Starting April 10th, the trial key will no longer be available. Players receive gold and referral rewards for trial keys and trial keys used up to that point. If you haven’t done so already, we’ll automatically refund your original buyer.

The referral reward system based on the trial key and starter pack will be replaced by another system on April 10 to reflect the fact that there is no longer a trial key and starter pack. More details about the new featured season will be announced then.

As with the present, each successful referral generates a gold reward for the original referrer, and the rewards and duration of each season are announced at the beginning of the season.

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