Best Games Like Clash of Clans

Best games like clash of clans with 10000+cheats. Clash of clans game a highly addictive combat strategy game. Created by Supercell, this game is one of the most popular games on the iPhone and iPad Also check Top 10 Games Like Clash of Clans, at CoC, players can participate in a variety of tasks ranging from single-player campaigns to multiplayer adventures.

Best Games like Clash of Clans with 10000+cheats 2018_2019

We spend most of our time collecting resources to build better buildings and build stronger soldiers. Using this game’s combat system, you can send your warriors to enemy territory and defend yourself with defenses like cannons and walls. You can fight against other players or create groups and groups to fight against other groups. Clans of Clans instead of wasting time finding hacks, why not try a new game? Other games are similar to Clash of Clans.

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1. Castle Clash: A fast paced game

Castle Clash game a free strategy game with 10000+cheats. It is one of the top 10 mobile games in the US and is constantly gaining positive reviews of happy gamers. It shares a distinct similarity with Supercell’s CoC and has many CoC vs. Castle Clash discussions on the Internet. In other words, this cool game is more than just a clone. It attracted more than 30 million people worldwide. In Castle Clash, you play as Warlord, building the most powerful empire.

You can hire a mythical creature that will help you in your battle, from giant beasts to small but deadly beings. Upgrading fortresses and troops will allow you to participate in exciting combat with other players in the arena. The battle system is fast, realistic, and promises a majestic experience of addictive games.

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2. Viking Wars great graphics

Viking Wars is an unpopular game, but attractive gameplay attracts more gamers this is also simulor of clash of clans game, as you can see from the title, this game protects his village from invaders and invades the lack of enemies to control and build his troops. You can upgrade your clock tower and cannon to strengthen your base. You can set up a tactical defensive strategy to stop the enemy’s army, and start a terrible attack before storming or retaliating the enemy’s territory.

The battle is real time and you can always see it again when you design a better strategy for the next attack with a bonus. Viking Wars has outstanding graphics that are definitely better than similar games in this genre. When you read a review in the Play Store, you’ll see a lot of feedback that Viking Wars is better than CoC. It shows how great this game is.

3. Jungle Hit action pack

The Jungle Heat is like an action movie turned into a combat strategy game. You will see men and women with huge forearms holding huge guns and ready to defend their base. Your goal is to dominate the tropics. The tropics are rich in oil and gold. However, marauders would not just allow you to take over the jungle by standing on your path. The battle of this game is simple but very fun.

You can create powerful armies, defend against enemies, update your army to increase your firepower, and play against many heroes with unique abilities. Another advantage of Jungle Heat is that it is a cross-platform game that you can play on any device or social network and start over from where you left off. This game feels like an action movie and has a very interesting battle. It is much better to add bonus that you can play on many platforms.

4. Star Wars commander similar to Clash of Clans

Have you ever thought about wielding a little force to defend your base? Or dream of the Stormtroopers Duke against the Droids in the land of Tatooine saw it out? Now Star Wars: Commander, Disney and Lucasfilm can bring the famous Star Wars franchise into the mobile strategy arena. Many people reject Clash of Clans, clones with other Clash Clash clones, but in fact, Clash of clans game adds exciting features and removes other features to provide a better gaming experience. Plus, if you’re a Star Wars fan, you should check out this game.

Rebellion at the start of the game Choose the side you want to play in the Confederate or Galactic Empire. Gameplay does not really change depending on the camp, but the description is definitely different. It’s like a Clash of Clans, but it’s a great game full of distorted and exciting features that make you feel in the Sci-Fi environment. Star Wars: The Commander provides a very refreshing twist to the basic building genre.

5. Call of Duty: hero

Call of Duty is one of the most popular shooting games and the franchise is now in the field of mobile strategy games. Call of Duty: Heroes is an iOS exclusive game and a free combat strategy game. If you are a fan of both FPS and CoC, you will be thrilled with this news. Now you can play your favorite heroes and soldiers, build a strong foundation, and lead your army to a thick battle on your mobile device.

Captain Price, Soap, and Harper are just some of the icon characters that you can play in this game. Starting with a small outpost, gradually build into the most dominant fortress. Specialize units, control juggernaut, dragon fire, and CLAW to unlock chuckle skills. You can team up with your friends to complete the challenge and get rewarded. This is a must for fans of Call of Duty.

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6. Lordship Crash 2

Clash of Lords 2 is rated over 500,000 on PlayStore and is one of the most popular games with a theme similar to Clash of Clans. The reason why this game stands out is because it is easy and easy to play. CoL 2 offers fresh spins in this somewhat overplayed genre through all basic games. Are you tired of training your unit? Then forget it! Clash of Lord 2 does not require any training.

You will not be able to return because you are involved in an exciting battle from the beginning and all five combat modes are full of nonstop action and bodily harm. Make your adventures more fun with your friends through heroes and guild guilds. It is one of the most popular games such as clash of clans game try this game because the action is abundant and invite your friends!

7. Boom Beach

Boom Beach is powered by the CoC creator, another epic strategy game that promises hours of exciting game play. This hit title in Supercell has a number of positive reviews showing how popular the game is. As the developer said, are you ready for the boom? This game takes place in a huge tropical archipelago. Your task is to lead your army and defend and invade a beautiful island with ancient power.

You participate in the war against evil black soldiers. Each island is unique and promises a different experience each time. Attack the boss’s enemies, raid the other player’s base, and collect as many treasures as possible. Supercell knocked it back in the park with this endless variety of games.

8. Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventure

Galaxy Life is a social game originally created for Facebook and is now available in the App Store. Gameplay is similar to other strategy games, but it’s going to be a Disney movie because of the cute graphics that differentiate Galaxy Life from other competing products. Galaxy Life builds a space colony with a lovely little star. When it is built, you can defend your colonies from others who are trying to destroy your colonies, and also train soldiers to attack enemy structures.

The battle system is rather simple. Watch your soldiers deploy and devote their skills to exams. There is no difference in gameplay, but Galaxy Life is still a fun game with lots of cute graphics and lots of players.

9. Pocket Port

Pocket Fort is a tower defense game loved by millions of gamers around the world. With a powerful new army, this game is never more exciting. Like other basic games, you can use resources to expand your structure and train units. Single player mode is a great way to test how you are ready to fight another player. Attack the pirates to see how the attacking skills are polished.

When you’re ready, fight in multiplayer mode and conquer other player’s fortresses. The only drawback of this game is that the development is relatively slow and the playback value is reduced a lot. You can not match the content of any other game, but you can provide enjoyable gameplay for genre fans. So these are 9 best games like clash of clans game with 10000+cheats.

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