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The latest expansion for the largest single shard free play spaceship MMO game ever. Eve Online: Invasion is the first chapter in the story of the triglia story, which confuses New Eden. Encapsulators must face the threat of confronting enemy ships, increasing their results and gaining favorable rewards.

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Eve Online Download

EVE Online: Invasion is currently available and can be downloaded for free for all players. Invasion will begin by invading Triglavian forces in the form of roaming fleets surrounding. New Eden’s specific star system, providing a new presence and dimension to EVEOnline’s gameplay.

Each week the event expands, and Encapsulators must meet Triglavians directly from Abyssal Deadspace on their new site. Finally, players have to fight for their territory against the mighty Triglavian World Ark in a thrilling new battle experience.

Bergur Finnbogason, Creative Director of EVE Online, said, “EVE has always been about behavior that produces lasting and meaningful results, so Eveonline Invasion was to provide space change events that our community could experience in a familiar space.

The encapsulators will defend their territory from the fearsome new sect. We want to see players fighting for a star system that is facing an ever-increasing threat, unlike what they have faced before.

Features of Eveonline game

Features of Eveonline game

The Invasion extension introduces three new and powerful Triglavian vessels in the Tech II category of Frigate, Destroyer and Cruiser classes. In addition to new technologies, Invasion introduces additional changes to the war declaration system and additions to the Mutaplasmid system that allows players to plunder from attacks by the Triglavian army.

This allows players to modify existing ship modules to make them more powerful or efficient, but as before, there is a risk of irreversible property reduction! All of the above is a summary of Invasion, a new feature in EVEonline, and can be found in the video. Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, Chief Executive Officer of CCP Games, said, “EVE Online has always had a goal of providing a new experience and a living world.

EVE continues its ambitions and traditions, celebrating 16 years of strength and innovation. I am convinced that by encapsulating the universe that he has formed, their fate always remains in their hands, ensuring the appeal of the EVE now and in the future.

CCP Games EVE Online

CCP Games EVE Online

CCP Games not only unmatched EVE Online: Invasion, but also confirmed that Open Beta for long-awaited upgrades to 64-bit clients started today on Windows PCs and macOS to better utilize the available systems. Resources for the Eve pilot’s machine.

This represents a major moment of modernization in the development of EVE and is an important milestone in CCP’s continued investment in the future of New Eden. CCP expects to get as many pilots as possible so that everything runs smoothly, providing feedback on performance and possible problems.

This allows New Eden to maintain a visually stunning look through the cutting edge of what is graphically possible in MMOs.

About EVE game Online

About EVE game Online

EVE Online (PC / Mac) is an attractive community-driven spaceship MMO game that allows players to build a variety of spaceships for free, choose their way from countless options, experience space exploration, and play massive PvP. And PvE combat, mining, industry and sophisticated player economy in an ever-expanding sandbox.

EVE is a fascinating game where hundreds of thousands of players compete for wealth, power, glory and adventure to create their own destiny in a thriving single world.

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