Dead Island Game Review PS3

Dead Island Game has two worlds. The first is “a beautiful tropical island with clear water and a lush environment”. Second, it is the island paradise like “the door of hell”. It is a great event for all of you to wake up late at night on a beautiful island. However, if zombies occur overnight, this outstanding event turns into a battle for the survival of a few non-zombies still alive.

Deep Silver’s new zombie apocalyptic game “Dead Island” offers hype that originated in the first trailer released last winter? Or do not you fall flat on your face? Find answers to the questions below. Dead Island is a very unique and different thing compared to most zombie titles available in the market. The most important part of a dead island is that the undead is cruel, and they attack with the pack several times.

Dead Island Game Review for Playstation 3

Every second in the game, it feels like a battle for survival against something much bigger and stronger than you some zombies are huge and huge. This means that players must fight for their lives throughout the game. In short, sweet terms, “Dead Island” is one of the most memorable chaotic zombie titles in recent memories.


In the presentation department, Techland did a great job. It is a presentation of the game that succeeds in improving all the tensions. Zombies, huge and wider environment Players navigate in absolutely amazing ways. One of the best and most favorite aspects of Dead Island is the bone bones, bones, and other types of damage systems that the developer implements in zombies, creating an impressive and extreme killing.

The best example would be to “wield a sword” and shake the zombie arm vigorously so that you spend a lot of time and completely cut off the arm of the zombie, leaving no major weapons. Other body appendages do much in the same way. The player can break the zombie’s head under his feet, rip it completely, shock it with electricity and burn it with his own unique weapon.


Graphically, Dead Island game looks perfect. Banoi Island looks like clean water, lush palms, and blue skies. Dead Island seems to never disappoint in the graphics and visual departments. Character models, zombie models and environments look great. From the beautiful beaches of the island to the slums of the city, everything in the game has its feelings, and no one is muddy or washed away.

With regard to graphics, Dead Island is equivalent to the best first-person shooter game of the current generation. 4 players Drop in, drop out Game play: Thanks to Techland, you are not alone. Dead Island supports four player drop-in, drop-out game play. I campaigned on my own, but I tried to go out with my friends to confuse the zombies and push them into the grave.

Many players may think that Dead Island mixes all the major zombie titles available in the market. Dead Rising is a dash of Left 4 Dead in a four player cooperative. Dead Island game has borrowed other game features, but with a constant battle for survival, it means that the game club’s implementation, presentation and fun elements are “BEST ZOMBIE TITLE” and can be played in a variety of ways depending on the character gamer. do it.

Number of Items to Explore

There is a lot to do on Dead Island in relation to length. The amount of side quests in the game is ridiculous. I personally have done most of these quests and have received their own rewards, and the best part is that they are different each time. The player finds some import quests and some sort of item, but most will be sent to the enemy territory to fight survival battles in order to achieve most goals.

When I personally do not know what to look for in a new location in the game, I advise all the dead island players to explore, explore, and explore. It could be a new weapon or a big, dangerous zombie.

Audio of Dead Island game

Many Dead Island players may not care about audio in the game, but they can become live savers on the beautiful island of Banoi. From the sound of all wild animals to the groaning of the fighter approaching the player, the sounds produced during the player’s game play on the island are clear and clear. During my game play, during the battle I was able to clearly hear the other undead threats approaching and sneak in.

This is really helpful because you can hear the zombie moan as the player blindly approaches. For gamers, 5.1 surround sound is essential. You can save it several times on a dead island. Techland definitely needs to hit the back for “Dead Island”. This game is actually a good gem for all fans of the zombie genre. Dead Island weapons production systems, co-op game play and beautiful island exploration will provide a lifelong experience. The dead island must have a zombie game for current generation gamers.

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